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News LHC 2018: The Higgs hunter has just turned 10. Why is nobody celebrating? – 05.10.2018

Harold Cunningham/Getty NEXT July will mark 50 years since humans set foot on the moon. The rumblings of commemoration can already be heard – even now Ryan Gosling, deputising for Neil Armstrong in the film First Man, is being castigated for failing to plant an American flag in the lunar regolith. The moon landing was […]

Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel in La Union, Philippines

Travelers to the Philippines cannot disagree on the fact that the country hosts many of the most beautiful and refined beaches in the planet. Some of the many beach paradises that exist in the archipelago are found in the province of La Union.

Agung Mulia Membrane

Agung Mulia Membrane adalah Perusahaan Jasa Pembuatan dan Perbaikan Tenda Membrane, Professional, berpengalaman, dan berkwalitas.

Physicists look to the future as new particle dream dies

Some particles are easy to spot Alastair Philip Wiper/Corbis/Getty By Leah Crane LAST week, physicists from CERN announced disappointing news: a potential new particle, set to shake up modern physics, doesn’t exist. So what will they do now? The dream had lasted almost eight months, since the ATLAS and CMS collaborations found an unexpected bump […]